Watermarks Appearing After Purchase

Depending on the reason watermarks are still appearing, or the product appears to be missing, these steps can help resolve the issue.

Make sure the product has been unlocked on the system
FxFactory links your email address to your purchases. Launch FxFactory and sign in with the same email used during purchase. You may need to create a new password if you have never done so in the past. The "Sign In" button appears in the upper left corner of the FxFactory window.
Once you successfully sign in, all products purchased using that email will be automatically available to you. If the product does not show up as purchased, please let us know. It may be that the purchase is associated with a different email address.
Make sure the watermark is actually part of the product you purchased & not a separate product

You may have applied separate products to clips in the timeline. Navigate through the layers of clips and view effects applied to elements in your timeline to be sure which products are being used.

Depending on the host application (Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, etc) plugins can show under different categories. Please reference the tips in the article "Finding Plugins in Host Applications" to help.

Make sure the host application is not displaying frames from its cache
Video applications are very aggressive about rendering clips on the timeline and re-using the cache whenever possible. You may be seeing a watermark because it was rendered over your clip and cached before the product was unlocked.
In most video applications, you can force the clip to be re-rendered by adjusting a parameters which can invalidate the cache.
In Final Cut Pro, you may clear the cache by deleting the files that have been generated by the current project:
• Select your project
• Click the " Delete Generated Project Files..." under the "File" menu

• Check the Delete Render Files option & click OK

When the operation is complete, Final Cut Pro should re-render the clips without the watermark.