Reset Password / Assign Password to Incomplete Account

1) Launch FxFactory

2) Click the "Sign In" button in the top-left corner of the window:

3) Enter your email address, and then click the "Forgot?" button:

Do NOT attempt to create a new account, since that will fail. Our systems already have knowledge of your prior purchases, and the account simply needs to be activated.
4) Check your email for a message sent by FxFactory. Within that message, there is a link that allows you to assign a new password to your account.
If our message never reaches your mailbox, please check your Spam folder. Our email could have been interpreted as spam by accident.
5) Once you have successfully assigned a new password to your account, please go back to the FxFactory application and use the new password to sign in.
As soon as your account signs in, all your previous purchases will be restored automatically.