Sign In to FxFactory

An FxFactory account is based on an email address and is associated with your purchases.

Sign in button in the FxFactory app

Upon completing installation, launch the FxFactory app and sign in with the email address you provided for your purchase.

You should be prompted to sign in after launching. If not, click "Sign in..." from the Account menu.

Account menu

Enter your email and password to unlock your purchases.

Account sign in window

If you have never signed in before, you may need to assign a password. Click the Forgot? button after entering your email address:

Within a few seconds of clicking the Forgot? button, you will receive an email that lets you assign a new password to your account, through a link.

As soon as your account signs in, all previous purchases compatible with your current system configuration are downloaded and unlocked.

If you entered the wrong email address while purchasing a product, or if you may have used multiple email addresses to purchase products from us, we can help you consolidate all your purchase history under a single account, so that you may use a single email to unlock all your purchases, easily.