Uninstall FxFactory when built-in command is not available

The recommended way to remove our software is to launch the FxFactory app and use the built-in Uninstall FxFactory... command under the Action menu. If you are unable to launch and use the FxFactory app on your system, or if any other critical failure is occurring, you may need to uninstall our software through a custom tool.

Please download the uninstaller from this link:


Extract the contents of the compressed archive by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Doing so will produce a single output file, the Uninstall FxFactory.app.

Launch the Uninstall FxFactory.app and give macOS permission to Open it:

When the app is running, click the Uninstall button and authenticate as an administrator. In most cases, you will simply be asked to enter the same password you use to sign in to your Mac.

When the process is complete, please restart your Mac.

Next, download and install a new copy of FxFactory from our website:


Once the installation is complete, let us know if the problem persists.