Suppress GPU Resolution Limit Warning

We recommend all effects to be used with media no larger than 8K. Some graphics cards on the lower end, especially those with little or no dedicated video memory, remain reliable only when working with 2K or 4K assets. 

On its default settings, FxFactory will display a warning any time a plug-in is applied to media larger than 8K. If needed, you can change this behavior so that the warning is displayed only when the limit supported by your graphics card is exceeded:

1) Launch FxFactory

2) Open its Settings window

3) Switch to the Notifications section, and change the resolution limit from 8K to GPU Maximum:

Please note that when plug-ins are applied to extremely large media, performance will drop dramatically, and you increase the chances of running into more severe problems. Under extreme circumstances, the system may become unresponsive and it becomes more likely that the graphics drivers will cause a crash. This is bound to happen more often with graphics cards that have a limited amount of video memory available. We do not recommend that you go past this limit on any Mac with integrated Intel graphics, or any Mac with Apple Silicon equipped with less than 32GB of system memory.