Use Existing Photos From Final Cut Pro Library in a Photo Montage Sequence

Follow these instructions to use existing photos in a Final Cut Pro Library in a Photo Montage sequence:

1) Make sure the Libraries sidebar is visible

2) Right-click on the photo you wish to use and select "Reveal in Finder"

3) The Finder will reveal a folder inside your Library called "Original Media". This is where Final Cut Pro stores any images you have previously imported to the Library:

4) Select the Photo Montage clip on your timeline and click the "Select" button in the Canvas to add more pictures to the sequence:

Alternatively, you can click the "Select" button in the parameter inspector:

5) Switch to the Finder and drag the photo from the "Original Media" folder to the Photo Montage image selection window:

6) Click the "OK" button to save changes

Note that if the location of the parent Library should change, so will the Original Media folder within it. It is recommended that you always keep Libraries in the same location on your system, relative to your home folder. By default, Final Cut Pro stores Libraries in:

🏠 → MoviesMyMovie.fcpbundle

Keeping all your Libraries in this location minimizes the need to reconnect missing files to the Original Media.