Prepare a Final Cut Pro Library for Transfer

It may be necessary to share your Library with others or tech support. To do so, the Library needs to be self-contained with the media and elements included in Projects. Media needs to be available & connected, the Library needs to be slimmed & consolidated, then compressed to be ready to share.

To prepare a self-contained Library for transfer, follow these steps:

Select the Library in the Sidebar

Click the File menu and choose "Delete Generated Library Files…"

Select Delete Render Files > All
Check Delete Optimized Media & Delete Proxy Media
Click OK

Click the File menu and choose "Consolidate Library Media…"

Media Destination should remain "In Library"
Only select Original Media
Click OK. This might take some time to complete.

Right-click on the Library and select "Reveal in Finder"

Right-click on the Library’s icon in the Finder and select "Compress"

The result is a compressed archive (.zip) you can transfer to other users or to tech support, as instructed.

In general, Final Cut Pro Libraries are too large to be sent as attachments via email. When preparing a Library for upload to tech support, you may be given a special link that allows you to transfer large files.

When sharing a Library, please let us know what products were used in the project, especially if they are not available via FxFactory.