Match Frame Rate used to edit Captions or Subtitles to Project / Compound Clip

When using Caption Burner in Final Cut Pro, you may notice a discrepancy between the timecodes that appear in its editing window, and those reported by Final Cut Pro in the Canvas. This may cause captions or subtitles to seemingly appear at the wrong time.

The most likely source of this problem is that the frame rate used to create or edit your caption does not match the frame rate used by your timeline. Timecodes have very different meaning depending on the frame rate they are interpreted in (especially for drop-frame formats used by NTSC).

To fix this problem:

1) Select the project or compound clip where Caption Burner is being used.

2) Make a note of the frame rate being used:

3) Select the Caption Burner clip and click the "Edit" button to open the caption editing window.

4) Make sure the frame rate used by Caption Burner matches the one used by your timeline:

Upon making a new selection, you may notice that your timecodes may change. Note that the captions / subtitles are not being shifted in time. Each subtitle or caption is set to appear at the same real-world time as before.

If you are new to timecodes, please remember that a timecode does not always represent an actual real-world time (as you would read on your wrist watch). Some timecode standards, like NTSC drop-frame, have a loose connection between their numeric values and the actual real-world time they represent. More information is available here: