Reinstall Apps Purchased on the App Store

Follow these instructions to reinstall a clean copy of an app purchased via the App Store:

1) Locate the existing copy of the app installed on your system. Apps are usually found in the Applications folder. To access the Applications folder on your system, select the "Applications" command under Finder‘s "Go" menu:

2) Drag the app’s icon to the Trash, and select the "Empty Trash" command under Finder’s main menu:

3) Launch the App Store app, also located in the Applications folder:

4) Select the account icon in the lower-left corner of the App Store’s window, and click the Download arrow next to the app you wish to reinstall:

If you do not see the app under the "Purchased" section, make sure you have signed in with the same account used to purchase the app in the first place.

5) Once the download is complete, the app is ready to be used again.