Apply Transitions in After Effects

Unlike video editing apps such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, After Effects does not allow users to allow transitions to be applied in-between clips, or at the head, or at the tail of a clip. To use one of our transition plug-ins in After Effects, please follow this workflow:

1) Apply the transition to the layer that represents your outgoing clip.

2) Position the layer that represents your incoming clip immediately below it, and select it from the "Transition Layer" parameter:


3) Done! The transition will now animate automatically from your topmost layer to the one below.

On its default settings, the transition does not require any keyframes. The transition is automatically timed to the length of your topmost layer. If you need to change this behavior, deselect the "Transition Progress: Automatic" parameter and add keyframes for the "Transition Progress" parameter below it. The transition animates from the outgoing clip when progress is at 0%, to the incoming clip when progress is at 100%.